“...Dr. Peter De Laet and Francis Vermeire have authored this extensively researched volume presenting to its readers a detailed history of the development of the legendary German 10 x 80 Flak binocular. This book records details of the initial military trials between competing prototypes of several German manufacturers to the final acceptance of the binocular developed by the Emil Busch optical factory of Rathenow in 1936...


...I believe that the authors have recorded an unsurpassed record of the history of the times and facts of  early events leading to the development of the 10 x 80 Flakglas. And, I am sure that all students of German military optical history will find this book most enlightening.”


                                                                                                                                                             Dr. Stephen Rohan


“...Whoever undertakes the task of allocating the Flakglass its due place is courageous, highly determined and knowledgeable. Peter and Francis have written a book which is far from a collection of technical and optical facts and references. The reader will be overwhelmed by the vast amount of detail researched with utmost care and the informative photographs and documents, most published for the first time. Related issues are also introduced and the authors do not miss the chance to reveal the procedures and errors of German bureaucracy in the procurement process. In this way, the authors present us with a comprehensive view in an exemplary manner - vivid, illustrative, and without glorification. Basing their statements on facts and the literature cited, they avoid ideological restraints - the book is free from political correctness and is both evocative and illuminating.


...Before this book nobody knew all the facts on the Flakglass and few collectors were able to enjoy the fascinating viewing experience it offers. Every reader, however, will be infected by the enthusiasm of Peter and Francis and will read avidly what they have to tell us.”


                                                                                                                                                             Dr. Hans T. Seeger